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Bye-bye WhatsApp? If you are a WhatsApp user not living in the EU, you must have seen the notification regarding their new privacy policy. The irrevocable/ must-agree-to-use policy allows more direct data sharing between WhatsApp and its parent company Facebook. All this is FB’s way to monetize WhatsApp’s 2B+ subscriber base. Given FB’s notoriety in data privacy, this may not go down well with many, risking that same base.

…all Facebook companies can access may include your account details, any metadata associated with your chats, your financial transactions (over WhatsApp Pay), and even some information that the app automatically collects, like your log reports, device and network details, and your location (approximate, even if you haven’t consented location sharing) — Android Police

So what will this mean? In terms of the great Elon Musk — Use Signal!

Here’s my earlier attempt at understanding WhatsApp’s business that kinda guesses some of the changes —

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