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Next social media would be podcasts? or so runs the rationale for Twitter to buy Breaker, a social media app for podcasts. Something is going on in the podcast world. The number of podcast listeners hit 1B+ in 2020, worldwide. Spotify and Amazon took note, buying various podcasting apps to boost their offerings.

Twitter is building out its “Spaces” feature like a chat room of sorts. And Breaker will help it build that.

According to Twitter engineering lead Michael Montano, they will help “improve the health of public conversation on our service,” while Breaker co-founder Leah Culver tweeted that she’s “excited to help create the future of audio conversations” by building out Spaces. CEO Erik Berlin wrote, “we’re truly passionate about audio communication and we’re inspired by the ways Twitter is facilitating public conversations for people around the world.” — reported in Engadget

Maybe it's time to start a podcast??

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